About Us

Hi!!! My name is Nadine and my husband and I own a small soap business that we run from our home here at Heavenly Homestead Farm in the smallest state of Rhode Island. We have 4 young children that we raise and homeschool too!

My love for making soap took off in the beginning of 2021 and I haven't looked back since. Creating new soap is my absolute joy and passion in life! Art and creativity is what makes me tick. On the first of every month we come out with brand new designs to keep things new and fresh. We also have our every day favorites and most popular that we always carry.

We have also formulated a line of all natural body products as well. My background is in natural health and healing and it was my goal to create products that we use every day without any harmful chemicals that we often see in many of the products out there on the market today. We know the importance of good quality clean ingredients for overall better health and we wanted to extend them and make them available to YOU!!  :)

All of our soaps are made with our very own raw goat milk from our beloved dairy goats. Straight from the farm!! 

We originally got goats back in 2013 when my oldest son was just a baby so that we could supplement him for what I couldn't 100% provide. We've used raw goat milk for all 4 of our children and now that they don't need it anymore it sure does make the absolute best creamy soap for ultimate hydration of the skin.

I truly hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and I thank you for the love and support!!